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Planning Board/Board of Adjustment

The Planning Board consists of seven members, five of whom are residents of the city and two of whom are residents of the extraterritorial jurisdiction.  Members are appointed to five year terms, and meet monthly.  For more information about the Planning Board, please refer to §34.50 of the Code of Ordinances.

The Board of Adjustment is composed of the Planning Board.  For more information about the Board of Adjustment, please refer to Article 900 of the Zoning Ordinance.

The boards meet regularly on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the City of Asheboro Municipal Building.  A hard copy archive of meeting minutes is available to the public at City Hall; for more information, please contact Brad Morton at 336-626-1201 x 212 or bmorton@ci.asheboro.nc.us.

Ritchie Buffkin
Lynette Garner
David Henderson
James Lindsey, BOA Vice Chair
Van Rich, PB/BOA Chair
Thomas Rush
Dave Whitaker

2015 Meeting Dates

Monday, January 5 - audio (55.1 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, February 2 - audio (9.69 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, March 2 - audio (75.8 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, April 6 - audio (28.6 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, May 4 - audio (55.9 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, June 1 - audio (51.6 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, July 6 - audio part 1 (73 MB) audio part 2 (28.3 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, August 3 - audio (35.3 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, September 14 - audio (4.58 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, October 5 - audio (32.1 MB) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, November 2 - audio (not yet available) - (PB Staff Report)
Monday, December 7

2014 Meeting Archive

Monday, January 6 (PB Agenda) (BOA Agenda)
Monday, February 3 (PB Agenda) (BOA Agenda)
Monday, March 3 (PB Staff Report) (BOA Staff Report)
Monday, April 7 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, May 5 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, June 2 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, July 7 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, August 4 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, September 8 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, October 6 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, November 3 (PB Staff Report)
Monday, December 1 (PB Staff Report)