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Police - Criminal Investigations

There are three units within the Investigations Division of the Asheboro Police Departmen, commanded by Cpt. Mark Lineberry: Criminal Investigations Division, Vice Narcotic Division and the Street Crimes Unit. Listed below are brief descriptions of these divisions.

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

Major Lt. Maxine Wright commands this division which includes a detective sergeant and five detectives. These officers are called to respond to the scene whenever an investigation reaches beyond the time or resource constraints of a patrol officer. Detectives are required to investigate crimes against persons (crimes including homicides, rapes, assault, etc.) and crimes against property (burglaries, larcenies, forgeries, auto thefts, etc.). This Division cooperates with other city, state and federal agencies in investigating incidents and gathering of criminal intelligence data.

The Crime Scene Unit is part of the CID. Crime scene investigators Detective James Briles and Detective Eric Snodgrass are responsible for assisting victims by gathering, processing, protecting and presenting evidence.

Vice/Narcotic Unit

As a specialized unit of the Criminal Investigation Division, this unit deals with more undercover and special operations than any other unit. Primarily dealing with illegal narcotics, these detectives come in contact with everything from an occasional user to a major trafficker on a regular basis.

Narcotics officers receive some of the most intensive specialized training offered. This in conjunction with the opportunity to work hand in hand with other agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Customs, allow a officer to learn and grow continually.

Community Resource Team

Some of the services that the Community Resource Team provides include: educational programs, security surveys, follow-up contacts with victims and organizing the community into neighborhood watch groups as needed. By informing the public, the unit hopes to reduce the opportunity for criminals. In addition to education, crime prevention also includes physical and electronic countermeasures.