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Police - Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau consists of the Patrol Division, Traffic Unit, School Resource Officers (SRO) Unit, Park Rangers and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Officer.

Field Operations Bureau

The City of Asheboro is divided into four patrol zones: North, South, East, West Zones. A team of officers patrol these zones for twelve hours, after which they are relieved by a new team of officers. Additional officers from specialized units assist the patrol division as needed.

Traffic Unit

Also included in the Patrol Division is the Traffic Unit. The primary purpose of traffic enforcement is to reduce accidents, save lives, and facilitate the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the City. Traffic enforcement works to reduce the human and financial costs of vehicle crashes. In the United States of America, more people are killed each year in traffic crashes (a fatality every 13 minutes) than by murder (one every 21 minutes).

The Traffic Unit provides proactive enforcement of vehicle code laws and high visibility community programs such as sobriety checkpoints, school education programs, and child safety seat clinics. The Asheboro Police Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement and accident investigation. Each officer within the traffic unit has received specialized training in accident investigation. The traffic unit investigates all serious injury and fatal crashes.

Animal Control

Park Rangers

The Asheboro Park Rangers are Police Officers of the City of Asheboro. The unit operates under the community policing philosophy, responding to the needs of its customers, the patrons and employees of the parks. Park rangers use vehicles and Boats to accomplish their duties. They are responsible for over 10 parks, buildings and open spaces. Employed as a unit within the Asheboro Police, the Park Rangers have access to the state-of-the-art investigative tools and support. Park Rangers also instruct the public with crime prevention and other law enforcement related talks. M.P.O Joe Hunt may be contacted at (336) 626-1300 ext 320 regarding questions about our parks and recreation.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers are located at Asheboro High School, North Asheboro Middle School and South Asheboro Middle School.

Asheboro High School SRO: 336-625-6185  
South Asheboro Middle School SRO: 336-629-4141
North Asheboro Middle School SRO: 336-672-1900