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2013 Police Annual Report

Asheboro Police Department

The Asheboro Police Department consistst of 78 sworn officers and seven civilians working together in three divisions to maintain an environment in which citizens, workers and visitors feel safe and secure.

The Asheboro Police Department has three divisions: Administration, Uniformed Patrol and Investigations Division. The Administration Division includes the Chief of Police and his staff; personnel and training; records and evidence control. The Uniformed Patrol Division consists of the Patrol Division, Traffic Unit, Animal Control Unit, School Resource Officers (SRO) Unit, Park Rangers and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Officer. The Investigations Divison consist of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), Vice Narcotic Unit, Community Resource Team and the Special Operations Unit (Alert Team).


The mission of the Asheboro Police Department is to maximize the quality of life of the citizens of Asheboro; to uphold the Law fairly and firmly; to prevent crime; to address the problems of the citizens we serve; to resolve conflicts; to pursue and bring to justice those who violate the law; to keep the peace of the City; to protect; to help; to do all this with integrity, common sense and sound judgment.

Core Values of the APD:

Honesty & Integrity
Honesty will produce an atmosphere of trust and is expected of all employees. Personal and organizational integrity is paramount to our profession. Honesty and integrity nurture an open and safe environment for all.

We recognize all employees for their contributions and reward them for the quality work and service they provide to the organization and community. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

We are leaders in our community and in our professions. We share a vision to improve the quality of life in Asheboro through our leadership and involvement with the community.

We will develop and embrace the spirit and concept of teamwork and cooperation for our community. Teamwork unites the citizens and police by sharing talent and expertise toward the success of common goals and objectives.

All employees will be equally valued and treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. Rewards and discipline will be initiated as a result of behavior not personality. We will follow the concept of treating others as we would expect to be treated.

Work Ethic
We will provide high quality service by our work ethic,resulting in positive results for our community. This will be accomplished by everyone striving for excellence through professionalism. The highest standard of public service and
job satisfaction is our goal.

Employee Development
We support the professional growth and development of all employees. This will be done in a collaborative and ongoing
process involving supervisors and subordinates developing career goals supported by the organization. The process will include education, training, technology and equipment designed to assist each team member in accomplishing their goals.

We will develop programs that seek solutions to community issues through a partnership with the police department and the people we serve. Through this partnership we recognize and appreciate individual differences and encourage all citizens to promote community pride.