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Trevor Nuttall
Community Development Division Director
336-626-1201 x 223

John Evans
Assistant Community Development Division Director
336-626-1201 x 225

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Chuck Garner
Code Enforcement Officer
336-626-1201 x 237

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Justin Luck
Planning and Zoning Administrator
336-626-1201 x 292
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Brad Morton
Planning Technician/
Deputy City Clerk
336-626-1201 x 212

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Planning & Zoning

The work objectives of the Planning Department are directly related to all levels of planning; in particular, the day to day rudiments such as zoning, subdivision and grant administration, and long range planning such as comprehensive development plans and thoroughfare plans. The Department
also disseminates information on Fair Housing laws.

Planning Programs

The Planning department manages daily and long range planning activities for the City of Asheboro's planning jurisdiction. Department staff process residential and commercial permits, pursue grant funding, review proposed subdivisions and commercial developments, administer the City's Zoning and Watershed Ordinances, prepare reports for public hearing, and assist the public with general development questions. Staff also works to develop plans, such as the Land Development Plan and Thoroughfare Plan, to help guide future growth. The department provides support to the City Council, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment and works closely with other city departments.

In January of 2015, The Planning and Zoning Department began the process of updating the map portion of the Land Development Plan. The department collected input through public workshops, neighborhood meetings and gathered comments from appointed boards and the City Council. Below, please find the update process schedule. The update was approved by the City Council on October 8, 2015.

- Land Development Plan Update Schedule
- Asheboro 2020 Land Development Plan - Full Version (adopted 2015)
- Asheboro 2020 Land Development Plan - Abridged Version (adopted 2015)

The Asheboro Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance regulate development within the city's planning jurisdiction. These documents outline requirements relating to everything from minimum lot sizes to permitted building materials in industrial districts and are available online by clicking on the specific link towards the top of this paragraph. The purpose of these ordinances is to ensure orderly, compatible, and quality development. Before beginning any project, call the Planning Department to verify all online information is current. Staff is available to answer any questions regarding City Ordinances


Description Amount
Zoning Amendments
Text $200
Map $200
Conditional Use Permit $350
Special Use Permit $350
Board of Adjustment
Appeal $0
Variance $250
Interpretation $250
Minor $100
Major Sketch $100
Major Preliminary $200
Major Final $200 + $25 per lot
Zoning Permits & Inspections
Single-Family Residential $25
Single Family Accessory $25
Residential Duplex $125
Multi-Family Residential $300
Commercial $350
Industrial $350
Institutional $350
Accessory Structure $50
Change of Use $250
Change of Occupancy $25
Sign $25 per sign type
Soil Evaluation $10
Watershed $25
Flood Zone $75
Land Disturbance $50
Produce/Seasonal Sales $50
Limited Duration Event $50
Official Zoning Verification Letters
Residential $25
Non-Residential $75


Forms & Documents

Application for Zoning Ordinance Amendment
Application for Zoning Compliance Permit
Bicentennial Park Inscribed Bricks Order Form
Board of Adjustment Appeal Application
Board of Adjustment Variance Application
Center City/Downtown Community Revitalization Plan
Change of Use/Occupancy Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Asheboro 2020 Land Development Plan - Full Version (adopted 2015)
Language Access Plan
Major Subdivision: Sketch Design Checklist
Major Subdivision: Preliminary Plat Checklist
Major Subdivision: Final Plat Checklist
Minor Subdivision: Plat Checklist
Nonresidential Building Maintenance Code
Sign Permit Application
Special Use Permit Application
Zoning Verification Form

NC DOT Subdivision Roads Minimum Construction Standards (leaving City site)

Development-Related Maps - Current as of October 2017. Contact Planning & Zoning for most recent data.

Zoning Map
I-73/I-74 Overlay
Airport Overlay
Center City Planning Area
Flood Plain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my property zoned?

You can obtain the zoning of your property by contacting the Planning Department at (336) 626-1201 ext. 212 and providing the property address or Randolph County Property Identification Number (PIN#).

Can I subdivide my property?

Subdividing property involves dividing an existing parcel into two or more parcels. Often, people relate 'subdivisions' to major residential developments with many lots but a subdivision sometimes only creates 2 or 3 lots. The City of Asheboro's Subdivision Ordinance outlines subdivision requirements. Newly created lots must possess minimum square footage and public street frontage, depending on the property's zoning. Call (336) 626-1201 ext. 225 if you are interested in subdividing property.

What permits do I need to start a business?

Before the City will issue a privilege license, you will need to obtain a Zoning Permit from the Planning Department. The Zoning Administrator will verify that the existing zoning is appropriate for the businesses you intend to open and that adequate parking is provided on site to accommodate customers. The site will also be reviewed for compliance with Asheboro's landscaping, access, lighting, and other development requirements. Contact the Zoning Administrator at (336) 626-1201 ext. 292 to discuss the steps involved in obtaining a Zoning Permit.

Can I operate a business from my home?

The city does permit some types of businesses to operate from a residence. Such businesses are known as 'Home Occupations.' These businesses typically do not generate substantial traffic, increase the demand on public services, or change the residential character of the home or neighborhood. Some examples of permitted Home Occupations include craft making, music lessons, and computer programming. Call (336) 626-1201 ext. 292 to determine if your proposed home business is permitted in Asheboro.

How do I change the zoning of my property?

The process for changing the zoning of property involves two public meetings with review by the City Planning Board and the City Council. The process usually takes approximately sixty days from the date that you make an application. Many factors affect the likelihood that your request will be approved or denied, including the zoning of surrounding properties, the recommendations of the City's Land Development Plan, staff analysis, and community support. Since the rezoning process is often complex, it is recommended that you speak with staff prior to making an application or paying the hearing fee. Call (336) 626-1201 ext. 225 to learn more about rezoning property.

What if I can't meet the requirements of the ordinance?

Sometimes, unique circumstances prevent someone from meeting all of the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. These circumstances must relate to something beyond financial hardships. The City Board of Adjustment reviews requests to waive specific requirements due to unusual conditions. A variance request or appeal requires a public hearing and sworn testimony. The Board typically meets the first Monday of every month and an application must be filed at least thirty days prior to the hearing. Call (336) 626-1201 ext. 292 if you think that you have a situation that warrants a variance.